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Greetings! You've found Eileen at SeasonsAstrology. I'm happy that you're here. I became interested in astrology at a very young age and soon realized that I had a special knack for the science, a gift that allows me to help others live their lives to the fullest. More on that later. First, a bit of background on astrology itself.   

It is thought astrology dates back to the Babylonians, mid-2nd millennium BC. Tracking celestial movement and patterns, ancient Egypt and Greece took note; Europe, India, and the Eastern/Asian cultures followed suit. A composite of science, math, and esoteric arts is the basis of astrology today. Modern astrologers use data provided by astronomers that are compiled in tables called ephemerides; referencing an ephemeris, one can look up the positions of planets and note changing aspects and angles over time.

A natal or birth chart shows the positions of various heavenly bodies at the time and place of one’s birth. This can be further analyzed by studying the placement of these aspects, the ‘houses’ into which they fall, and certain angles and combinations, such as squares or trines. When taken together, an experienced astrologer can offer insights as to predominant character traits, likes and dislikes, probable life cycles and trends, relationship and career patterns, etc.

In a forecasting chart, the above is considered with upcoming planetary aspects. As with the Farmer’s Almanac for sowing and reaping, there are more favorable and less favorable times for individuals to pursue or rest, to risk or not, to begin or observe. Astrology is an individualized science, somewhat like a fingerprint as no two (or at least very, very few) people are born at the exact same time in the exact same place. As with anything, there is free will, but a forecasting chart will at the least offer you some insights and give you a bit of information with which to play the odds in the hand of life.

Simply put, Eileen loves what she does. She offers her astrology services in person from her office, her home, and via phone. Whether you are wish to understand yourself or a partner better, are seeking the most auspicious time for an event, or hope to gain knowledge about what is coming up for you, Eileen can help. Enjoy :-)