"Coming from a scientific background, I was impressed with the accuracy of my reading. Much of what Eileen said became validated shortly after our first meeting. I was blown away by her precision with dates and details. I would highly recommend Eileen for anyone looking for insight, direction, and advice in life."

~ Trina, Montville, CT

"My first reading with Eileen was about a year and a half ago. I was entering a new relationship and looking for a little insight. Not only did Eileen bring some things to light about myself, she pointed out the challenges my new partner and I would have to overcome in order to have a sustainable relationship. She hit the nail on the head! Unfortunately, he and I didn't work out, but we parted ways with the understanding that we are just too different of people.
I had a second reading with her last month. Me being a year deep into the most meaningful relationship I have ever had, I had just a few questions as to where our futures were headed. For Eileen and Kenny (my boyfriend) being complete strangers, I was blown away by her knowledge and accuracy! I left that reading with a much better understanding of not only myself, but Kenny, as well as us a unit. Needless to say, this girl is one satisfied customer."

~ Mia, St. Albans, VT

"Eileen is the only astrologer I've consulted with more than two times. Others have gotten a few things right, but everything she said -- along with dates -- has always been dead on. I completely trust and highly recommend her."

~ Deanna, So. Portland, ME

"I had been unlucky with relationships for a while, so I consulted Eileen to see if the universe had any good news for me. She told me to bide my time and not waste any effort on dating because there was someone coming up in the next few months. She said it would be an immediate attraction and it would be really easy to get along with him. Three or four months later, I met Steve. He caught my eye immediately, and it didn't take long for him to approach me. Our relationship has been easy and wonderful - just as she'd said it would be. I'm so glad I talked to Eileen and took her advice to wait."

~ Ashley, Lebanon, ME

"I met Eileen last year with mutual friends. Shortly after that, she offered to read my astrology chart. Some may view astrology as too esoteric, there is a definite science to it. I bump into Eileen often, and she is always letting me know what's going on in the cosmos, how it's affecting the world and people's lives -- and, more specifically: how it does, is, and will affect my life. It's no wonder world leaders employ astrologers; I'm consistently amazed at how accurate she is. It takes a special kind of person to be an astrologers; one needs to understand how to interpret what the charts say, taken separately or in combination.  Eileen is that special kind of person that knows how to connect what's occurring with the planets directly to the person she's working with. If you see Eileen on a regular basis for chart readings, I can guarantee that you'll start learning how to navigate through your life more easily, in a way you'll find to be more fulfilling, both emotionally and spiritually. And, when you're healthy spiritually and emotionally, it's only natural for your physical self to follow suit. Schedule a reading with Eileen. I highly recommend her."

~ Wil, Prescott, AZ