Types of Readings

1. Natal Chart - A synposis of who you are and how others see you. Your natal chart provides information about your personality, strengths and weaknesses, character traits, individuality, and even appearance. It can offer insight into career, love, home, life decisions, and more.Your natal chart provides the basis from which your forecast and/or compatibility charts may be drawn.

2. Forecast or Progression - Forecasts and progressions both study the transits of the planets and their placement in your chart to give you auspicious times for certain events and guide you in making choices that will be the most beneficial. If you are wondering your chances for success at business, a relocation, love, etc. or making a decision whether to make a move now or sit tight, this is for you. Forecasts are for shorter-term periods, 1-2 months, and have a bit more detail as to timing; whereas, progressions provide a better view of the big picture and can be done quarterly or every 6 months. ***See special rate for repeat clients below.

3. Compatibility/Synastry - This is a composite of TWO natal charts - that of you and a romantic partner, friend, relative, business relationship, or even a business itself. The composite shows you the focus of your relationship, its strengths and possible weaknesses, type of chemistry, positive aspects, and gives you an idea of how the relationship will grow and evolve. If you are wondering whether you are starting a soulmate bond or a summer romance or debating whether a new start-up business is for you, this is the chart that will help. 

4. Compatibility/Synastry + Forecast/Progression combo - This is a combination of your composite chart (above) and a forecast or progression, in other words a combo of #2 and #3. It is perfect for those wondering how a relationship of any sort will progress. It will clue you in as to time periods that are positively aspected for your goals, possible hurdles, and give you an overview of how and and when to proceed, as well as insight as to times for success.

5. 30- or 60-minute Reading of Your Choice for Repeat Clients - As I will already have your natal chart and its aspects on hand, forecasts or progressions for repeat clients are offered at a reduced rate of $35 for half-hour reading and $65 for full hour reading. They are great for people who would like a 'tune-up,' are experiencing a life transition, or are embarking on a new relationship, path, career, etc.